'You' Season 4 Begins Filming, Will Return At the End of 2022

‘You’ Season 4 Begins Filming, Will Return At the End of 2022 – SKF

The filming of Netflix’s most popular thriller series has begun, confirming the next season. @younetflix took to Instagram and broke the news of the upcoming season leaving fans excited. The caption read, “Feeling U-4-IC. You season 4 is now in production.”

John Scott is directing the Season 4 episodes that are under shooting. Scott has previously directed three episodes of the show. Not much is known about the story, but fans are excited for the upcoming season.

We don’t know much about the upcoming fourth season that is being filmed. However, we’ll be looking at Penn Badgley, Joe Goldberg. In Season 3 we saw Joe start a new life in Paris after killing his psychic wife and setting their house on fire.

If we factor in the ending, we can assume that the show will be filmed outside the United States. Fans can’t wait to see who Joe begins his new life with, and wonder who will replace Luv. Joe and Luv’s toxic relationship has been the talk of the town and the two have been the most entertaining couple on screen.

Now that Love is dead, the show is about to take a completely different turn. On top of that, the show will be set in Paris with the new cast as Luke Gage has been confirmed to join the show as Adam.

Adam will play the role of an alert and fun-loving son of a wealthy family. The director commented on Adam’s character, saying, “But one thing he learned from his parents is to do whatever it takes to get what you want.”

Some fans have even speculated that the upcoming show will be filmed in the UK instead of Paris. At this point, we can only wait for more details, and more behind the scenes, images and more news about the plot to confirm these speculations.

Some of the other anticipated upcoming shows of all time include The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, House of the Dragon, and Euphoria season 3.

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