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McDonald’s on the silver platter: What does the White House say about the junk food feast Trump?

The president greeted the Clemson Tigers college football champion with an unforgettable dinner: pizza, more than 300 McDonald’s and Wendy’s burgers, and “Lots and Lots” fries. It was fitting for a dinner for a president who stood out for his declared love of fast food and his efforts to relax the standards of healthy eating.

President Donald Trump, who ran away from cooks at the White House due to a federal government shutdown, rewarded the champion Clemson Tigers with fast food. menu? “A small pizza with McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

“I think it’s going to be his favorite food, so we’ll see what happens… I like everything. I love everything,” Trump told reporters. American food.”

Trump’s belief that it will “become his favorite food” says more about the taste. His statement also shows how Trump views his love of junk food as a display of patriotism and a tribute to a more carefree past.

When pressed by a reporter about whether he preferred McDonald’s or Wendy’s, Trump made the following statement:

“If he’s American, I love it. Everything’s American… But that’s okay, and we have our national champions, you know, the Clemson Tigers. His game against Alabama was great and all that Here it is. They’re right outside the venue and I think we’ll let them see it. But I bet we got groceries, we got pizza, we got 300 hamburgers, lots of fries, our favorite foods When we go I want to see what’s here because I don’t think there will be much. We do this because it’s closed. We want to make sure everything is fine, so we sent it, We got it. And we have great people working in the White House. They helped us with that.

Clemson Tigers coach Jeff Scott tweeted a photo with the caption, “President’s Dinner #InSilverBand.”

head of junk food

Some people wonder, if the White House cooks are off due to the lockdown, why weren’t they paid to cook another occasional dinner? Trump even has a hotel a few blocks away, so why not bring those cooks in as well? The hotel also has a steakhouse, a sushi restaurant, and a lounge bar serving champagne and fine cheeses. Why not rent one of these options?

This is partly because, as he has clarified on several occasions, he really likes junk food. At a town hall on CNN in February 2016, Anderson Cooper asked him, “I understand you’re also a fast foodie and sometimes bring fast food on your plane. What does Donald order when you go to McDonald’s? Is it? Trump?”

Later, the contestant said, “Sometimes fish delight. [audience laughter] Big Macs are great, Quarter Pounders with cheese.”

A 2016 New York Times profile of Trump’s eating habits, among many other presidents at this point, sheds light on how he differs from past presidents.

“In an era of good food and an obsession with healthy ingredients, Mr. Trump is returning to a more carefree past in American cooking, where no one bothers to ask if tomatoes are grown locally, and the First Lady has a certain Doesn’t really have a tomato. Garden.” With a beehive in the South Garden of the White House.”

Photos of Trump’s fast food banquet at the White House

“Make America Great Again”

There’s also a lot to be said for how this dinner fits into Trump’s aesthetic: silver plates and packets of ketchup, candle-lit pizza. Although a shocking image, it actually fits very well for Trump. The president built his campaign by trying to reach “ordinary people” who seek luxury but love the plain, greasy, salty-sweet, not healthy, “ordinary” people.

Wanting to return to “a more carefree past,” one of the pillars of the philosophy behind his campaign and agenda as president is “Making America Great Again.” It is about a return to an America where coal mining factories proliferate and few care about their environmental impact, pregnant women can smoke without judgment, and traditional high-fat, high-carb diets are public health. detrimental to. ,

There was a time when fast food was “everybody’s favorite,” as Trump put it, but it’s a favorite of most kids. A choice that some would consider simple and mundane, and others would see as childish and irresponsible.

In fact, it’s safe to say how unhealthy Monday’s presidential banquet was: The Washington Post determined how many calories were in room for calorieking: about 310,000 and 16,000 grams of fat excluding sauces and dressings.

And it’s not just personal taste that Trump adopts less healthy foods. This is a president who has even reversed the healthy standards set by former First Lady Michelle Obama for school cafeteria food. Gone are the days when the First Lady guarded the Garden of the White House with a beehive.

To be honest, despite playing basketball and working out regularly, former President Barack Obama was also a known lover of burgers. The same former First Lady who also organized the “Let’s Move” campaign acknowledged her “obsession with French fries”. Michelle Obama visited the Washington Shake Shack when it opened and ordered a Shakeburger with fries, milkshake, and Diet Coke. Difference? When you exercise normally and eat well, we know Trump doesn’t know, “Splurge is the key to life,” he said.

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