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Thiago Emiliano da Silva (born 22 September 1984) is a Brazilian professional footballer who is a center-back for Premier League club Chelsea and captains his team Brazil Nation. Known for his discipline, defensive ability and leadership qualities, Silva is regarded as one of the greatest defensive players of all time.

Silva began his senior football career with the club as a midfielder with RS Ftebol and transitioned to a defensive role at Juventude after which he joined Porto in 2004 at the age of 19 and was hired on loan by Dynamo. Transferred to Moscow, in which he was admitted for one. Deadly bout of tuberculosis. After recovering, he joined Fluminense and was awarded the Copa do, Brasil. After 2009, Silva was transferred to AC Milan for a reported amount of EUR8 million. He also won the Serie A title.

In 2012 Silva became the target of a record association football transfer when he was signed by Paris Saint-Germain in a transfer valued at EUR42 million. In whose era he became the most expensive player in football history. In his time at the club, he took home seven Ligue 1 titles, six Coupes de la Ligue, five Coupes de France, and the 2020 UEFA Champions League final. Silva has the distinction of being the club’s longest-serving captain and is ranked eighth of all time in attendance. In 2020, he joined Chelsea via a free transfer and won the UEFA Champions League in his first season with the club.

Silva made his debut as a senior international player for Brazil in 2008 at the age of 23. He has been capped over 100 times as well as participated in seven tournaments of major importance. He won an Olympic bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics and an Olympic silver medal during the 2012 Olympics the following year, and then served as captain when Brazil took home the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and finished fourth in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. . , Silva then helped Brazil take home this year’s Copa America.

surname da silva
profession soccer
Age (as on June 2018) 33 years
Date of birth Sep-22-1984
birth place Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
the nationality Brazil
Sun sign Brazil
Caste Christian
hometown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Post Protector
Thiago Silva measurements, height and weight
CM. height in 6′ 0″
height in meters 1.83 m
height in inches 183 cm
weight in kilograms 79 kg
weight in pounds 174 lbs
eye color dark brown
hair color black/shorthair
Thiago Silva Friends, Family and Relatives
father Geraldo Emiliano da Silva
Mother Isago da Silva and Lago da Silva
siblings Arrivalton Emiliano da Silva, Daniela Emiliano da Silva
Children Isago da Silva and Lago da Silva
Wife isabelle da silva

personal life

Silva is the parents of two boys, Isago and Iago, along with his partner Isabel. Silva is a Christian. On March 15, 2019, After spending nearly seven years playing for Paris Saint-Germain with France, Thiago announced that his wife and children were also French citizens.

game style

Silva is recognized as a perfect defense by both his colleagues and his critics. Silva has been described as a reliable defensive player who has no flaws, and is capable of leading any defense. An influential leader from behind, his game has made him look like the famous Italian player Franco Baresi. Barsi is widely regarded as one of the best defenders in football history and is known to assert his belief that Silva is the player his appearance is, and even did the same thing in July 2012. Somewhere: Silva is the former player “Heir”. Although he has been accused by the media for his behaviour, his leadership qualities are evident through his achievements as captain of both Brazil as well as Paris Saint-Germain.

Silva is considered one of the best defensive players in European football. He is said to be a strong defensive player with excellent aerial skills. Silva combines his physical abilities with a remarkable tactical savvy, as well as knowledge of the discipline and sport, as well as a brilliant perception of the situation, which allows him to be the winner in one-on-one scenarios. Because of his skill he is able to read the game and anticipate plays. He excels at shutting down opponents and taking them when he is in possession of the ball. He is regarded as the head of a new generation of defensive players who are composed and in control and able to create opportunities for his team behind Silva since his demise, describing him as a technically gifted defender. who are highly recognized for their skills. Being named one of the most effective central defenders in all of Europe for the past three years. He is considered one of the most accomplished defensive players of the current generation and both Rio Ferdinand and Ronaldo named him the top defender of all time in 2014. While primarily a centre-back, Silva has also been used in midfield as a defensive or central midfielder. Despite his skills, Silva has suffered injuries throughout his playing career. Despite these issues, Silva has also attracted attention for his endurance.

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