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Simon Cowell provokes a huge revolution in social networks thanks to a “scandalous” photo

The popular music producer caused a stir on Twitter with his stand in a confusing interview.

During an X Factor interview with Simon Cowell, Emma Bunton and Mel B of The Spice Girl, he was mocked by social media when an optical image appeared on his toe that looked like a dick.

Not missing a beat, social media users quickly grasped the music producer’s position in the middle of the conversation, generating an unprecedented wave of comments and “teasing” on Twitter. In the photo in question, Cowell is the victim of an optical illusion in which one of his big toes appears to be a masculine member.

After the fuss and the image went viral, Simon had to come out and deny it, making sure it wasn’t his penis popping out of his pants: “It was just my toe.

I was so embarrassed when I saw it online, but it was just my finger, ”the popular face admitted with complete frankness.

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