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The upcoming Malayalam language film Bhimante Vazhi is a drama directed by Ashraf Hamza. It is the director’s debut, and was written by actor Chemban Vinod Jose. It stars Kunchako Boban, Chinnu Chandni and Nimal Palaylu in lead roles. The film also stars actresses Kunchako Boban and Chinnu Chandni.

The cast of Bhimante Vazhi is getting comfortable on the sets and shooting is going well in Malappuram. In a recent post, star Kunchacko Boban posted several pictures of the crew playing cricket on the sets. In another, he posted a video in which he and Chemban Vinod Jose are dancing. In the end, they both dance together – once each.

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Bhimante Wazih

Bhimante Vajhi is a good entertainer. It manages to get an emotional and satirical angle with its premise and characters. The screenplay is entertaining and the acting is excellent. The story is believable and the actors do a great job. And although it may not be a great film, it is enjoyable to watch. And if you are a fan of Ashraf Hamza, then this is a great option.

The script is an interesting concept for a comedy, but the underlying theme of Right of Way is not portrayed well. The film acquires an emotional angle through the characters and the premise. And while it does have some awkward moments, it’s not the kind of drama you’d expect from Hamza. Ultimately, Bhimante Vajhi is a smart, insightful film with satisfying politics and characters.

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The set of the film is in Malappuram. It was shot with a small crew and Kunchacko Boban shared pictures of his team. In a video, he can be seen lifting two chairs and dancing with Chemban Vinod Jose. It is a fun and satisfying drama. And if you are a fan of these movies, you will not be disappointed.

Bhimante Vazhi is a comedy-drama starring Kunchako Boban and Chinnu Chandni. It is directed by Ashraf Hamza, and is a Malayalam language film. It was earlier scheduled for release in April 2021, but was delayed due to COVID-19, which disrupted the release. The release date of the film is still unknown.

It is an upcoming Malayalam film starring Kunchako Boban and Chinnu Chandni in lead roles. It is a comedy-drama, and has an impressive cast. It was directed by Ashraf Hamza and starred Reema Kalingal and Chemban Vinod Jose. Emraan is playing the character of a mischievous woman. The upcoming release date of the film has not been decided yet.

Bhimante Vajhi release date

The release date of Bhimante Vazi has not been announced yet, but recently the release date was delayed due to the second wave of covid-19. While the film is scheduled for a release date of December 2021, it has not been released on OTT yet. Hopefully, it will be available on OTT soon after its theatrical release. Though it is not set for a worldwide audience, it is a very entertaining film that will keep you entertained.

With a script by Chemban Vinod and Lijo Jose Pellissery, Bhimante Vazhi is a Tamil comedy-drama slated for a December 2021 release date. It will also be available on OTT after the theatrical release. However, the film is currently available only in cinemas, so it can be released on OTT. Meanwhile, the audience must be aware of the release date.

Despite its title, Bhimante Wazi is a comedy-drama that focuses on the role of a ‘good girl’ in the community. This film is a classic example of Tamil language film and will be a huge hit. It is entertaining if not a great film. Its premise, and its dialogue, are all great.

Original Story: Bhimante Wazih

The script is a classic example of the power of Chemban’s ability to write a woman-centric story. Her characters are strong-minded women, and she welcomes them all. She reveals the true intentions of her characters. His intellect seems more likable and sympathetic to Bhima. She also makes us feel good by telling us in her secrets. This is a great film for families with kids.

Many of the highlights of the film are the performances by the lead actors. Cast is excellent. Vinci Aloysius’ performance as the pet-loving Maharishi is outstanding. Pappu has played the role of auto driver. Bhimante Vazhi also has a strong cast of characters. The story of the film is an emotional roller coaster.

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