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Excretion का हिंदी अर्थ एवं परिभाषा (Excretion Meaning In Hindi) – SKF

Meaning and definition of sub (emission) (meaning and definition)-

Activities of animal metabolism of this species The first action is anabolic (anabolism).

There is also construction work. Health Addition action to catabolism (catabolism) Q. There are also verbs of action. As a result of the action of change, it has changed after being changed and the rest of the object remains. Contaminants (waste products) may be contaminated-together or poisoned (poisonous)

To be able to transition. External objects or items from the inside of a commodity (waste product). Varnya (waste) or toxic bodily actions (excretion) from the body’s body.

The amount of excretory items is for different metabolic processes. E.g. also to work to work to work for an oversupply of staff. Different types of diseases are predominant, so they predominate in different metabolic processes.

This type of germ is necessary to live in the environment, just as it is necessary for the biological environment, so it is necessary for the germs to have biological properties.

Acts as the body of germs in the body such as acts as germs and acts as germs. Bad-urine, picking from the body is made by exhalation (expiration). But the proteins that form complex nitrogenous waste products through protein catabolism are not easily eliminated from the body. The body of the subtle nature is the very subtle organism of the subtle nature.

Propaganda and defecation-(Defecation and defecation)-

The secretions of the excrement (anus or cloaca) are expelled. enter and do not participate in a single metabolic process. Metabolic-waste can be obtained in commodity form.

No specific organ can be found in the body for Mal Taig. The scum after adhering to the contaminants (waste products) in entrance pregnancy, infects the bloodstream (circulation) and.

The testes (kidneys) are dressed in a kind of clothing with excrement.

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