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Binaural beats क्या होती है और कैसे काम करती है-What is binaural beats in hindi – SKF

Have you ever felt like this? , it is that music has a bad effect on our mind and mind double meaning in hindi discussion of.

How does Banneral Beats work – How does Biaxial Beats work in Hindi?

Bassional beats means golden sound from the Accord ear camera. there are different different different types sound frequency Family identity. It activates sexual activity.

To achieve this particular stage. And happy hormones To release is to begin to sass we feel the calm and the ghostly goodness. necessary for scientific research. people who are brain waves And the behavior is fine.

Types of Binaural Beats – Types of Binaural Beats in hindi

binaural beats There are five types. It varies according to different stages. that binaural beats Special types of frequencies are in any type of our brain.

1) Platfs-Delta Biaxial Beats

In this case the frequency of binaural beats is in the range of 0.5-4hz. We do this even when we walk in the climate. Cortisol levels in this brain decrease and serotonin and melatonin levels increase. we subconscious mind performing from.

2) Whites-theta biaxial beats in hindi

In this phase the frequency of sound is in between 4-7hz, theta waves Improve use, creativity and faster eye movement. theta waves Our mind is focused. For Attention It is useful for

3) Alpha Waves – Alpha Binaural Beats in Hindi

Any meeting in the world is between 7-13hz. Alpha Waves This is the reaction to all these sounds. alpha wave Of flow state, stress reduction To focus the most. These babes can be used in the exam.

4) Beta Waves – Beta Biaxial Beats in hindi

Frequency frequency of 12.5-30 Hz such as our psychosis of communication health deeper level reaches. Must be healthy

5) Gamma Waves- Gamma Binaural Beats in Hindi

Activities moving at a speed of 30-100 Hz fall into the category of gamma communication. Gamma waves are about to change. Excessive memory loss, mental awareness and am learning.

Benefits of Binaural Beats – Benefits of Binaural Beats in Hindi

1) You can increase the focus.

2) Can reduce stress and anxiety.

3) You can increase your motivation level.

4) Can increase confidence.

5) Change of mind can happen in delta in short time.

6) You can change your mood.

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