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What exactly is FASTag?

FASTag is an RFID technology (RFID) implemented by the Government of India in October 2017 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The initiative was taken with a review of the various inconveniences faced by the motorists as well as the country as a whole.

As per the data in the Times of India article, Rs. There is a loss of 12000 crores every year at toll booths in India. The two major factors causing this loss are fuel wastage and lack of human resources in toll stations. (1)

Although the loss of money is the main concern, there is another consequence not seen by the eyes of the average person, namely air pollution. India is one of the most polluted countries in terms of air pollution. High levels of pollution are visible in more than 14 cities. It also includes the capital of the country, Delhi.

Toll plazas, in this aspect, are a major factor in the rise in air pollution levels in India. So one of the objectives of FASTag implementation for India was to reduce these levels.

Are you curious? We will help you to know more about it.

How does Fastag work?

FASTag functions are similar to similar Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. FASTag is an RFID-activated sticker that is affixed on the windshield of the vehicle and the reader at the toll booth will scan this card to process the transaction wirelessly.

When you arrive at a FASTag enabled toll station, you do not need to stop your vehicle to pay cash for the fee. Instead, just continue driving and the cost will be paid for automatically.

In short, readers can view the FASTag card even when it is in motion, by sending an alert on the FASTag card to request toll charges and then the amount will be withdrawn! It is important that the FASTag card is linked with the online savings or wallet account to ensure the process of toll payment.

To increase the use of digital payments and reduce congestion at toll stations, tags are now mandatory on all new vehicles sold after December 1 in 2017 (and in all cars from 2021 onwards).

More than 34 lakh FASTag were issued in the year 2018 in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and also more than 11.5 million FASTag cards were issued till 31st December 2019.

Balance Check for FASTag – Know How to Check FASTag Balance

You can check your FASTag account balance instantly using various methods: mobile, online application SMS, or assistance from customer care number. Currently 13 banks are associated with NHAI FASTag, which is the official site.

Here’s how to check your balance details in FASTag without any hassle:


  • Go to the website of the institution’s agency/bank/mobile wallet or mobile of your issuer.
  • Log in to FASTag on the FASTag website portal site using your login credentials
  • Now you can see the balance information

mobile app:

The mobile app is directly linked to the NHAI Prepaid Wallet.

  • Download “‘My FASTag App” to your smartphone. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • Enter your login details.
  • Now you can see the balance.


Once you have opened a FASTag account and connected your mobile number, notifications will be sent via SMS every time your credit card is deducted. Confirmation of toll-free payment for your account balance and recharge, and notifications about low balance will be sent.

Contact FASTag Customer Care Helpline

If you are a prepaid FASTag member and have entered your mobile number in the prepaid wallet offered by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), you can check your balance by making a missed call on the toll-free number +91-8884333331. Service is available 24/7.

Frequently asked questions about FASTag balance check

  1. Where can I buy FASTag? You can buy FASTag from any point of sale (PoS) locations at toll plazas or any distribution agents, PoS outlets and sales offices of NETC member banks. You can also buy it online from any one bank’s website or their official website
  2. For how long is the FASTag valid? The FASTag will be valid for a period of 5 years starting from the day of its purchase. Depending on the usage, you will be asked to refill the tag.
  3. What happens to the FASTag when I decide to sell or transfer my vehicle? It is suggested that you inform the authority that issued the FASTag regarding the transfer or sale of your car. This will allow the authority to close the account.
  4. What should I do when I cannot get my refund through FASTag? If you are not getting your refund from the FASTag generated by you then you can contact the card issuing bank and discuss the matter. The Bank will investigate the matter and resolve it as per the circumstances.
  5. Will I need a new FASTag if I move to another city? No additional FASTag is required when you move to another city. FASTags can be used at every toll station across the country which can be used. If, however, you are moving between states or cities, it is suggested to approach the appropriate authority and inform them about the same.
  6. Can I transfer the FASTag when I make changes in my vehicle? It is actually possible to change the number of the registered vehicle. If you have recently changed the vehicle you drive and wish to change your registration, contact the issuing authority responsible for the vehicle and request that they tag your new vehicle on the current FASTag.
  7. What are the charges for getting FASTag? According to the government directive issued based on the guidelines issued by Morath, a maximum of Rs 100 is allowed for issuance of FASTag. However, there are many banks that offer FASTags without any charges.
  8. My vehicle was recently stolen. What do I do with my FASTag account details? If your vehicle is stolen If your vehicle is stolen, you can disable any FASTag account linked to it by calling the FASTag issuer. The account will be blocked when you call the customer care number of the license issuing authority and provide the required information.

Balance Check for FASTag: 4 Steps to Verify Your FASTag Balance

Are you driving too often and don’t have time to stop to pay toll tax? You can apply for the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) electronic toll collection “FASTag” prepaid card. Also, since it is mandatory to get the FASTag by 16 February 16th From now on, it is ideal to apply today. If you don’t, you may have to pay double the toll amount.

If you are already registered as a user, you may wish to know the status of your FASTag from time to time. Don’t worry because we’ve got your back.

Before proceeding further we need to know the meaning of prepaid FASTag card. FASTag is a card provided by NHAI which uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for the purpose of collecting toll tax while driving. The FASTag integrates with a bank account or prepaid card. Every time you pass through a toll point, the tax is deducted directly from your account.

To ensure a smooth ride and cut down on time, we suggest you buy a FASTag for your car. Once you have an account with FASTag, you can transfer money to the account and then scan your FASTag when you pass through a toll plaza.

Now that you have got the FASTag, let us find out how you can monitor the balance of your FASTag.

How do you check FASTag balance

If you have installed FASTag in your vehicle, then every time you pass through the toll station, money will be deducted from your account. Confused about what you can do to check FASTag balance? We will give you four ways to verify the balance on your FASTag

  1. Log in to your account It is the responsibility of your issuer to provide you with a complete report of your FASTag bank account balance through their website. You can directly log into the HDFC Bank FASTag account and check your balance on the FASTag account and also view the report of each deduction. Before you can log in to your account, you will need to sign up as a retail customer with the bank.
  2. SMS One of the most efficient ways to check your FASTag account balance is by checking in your inbox. Every time toll tax is charged from the FASTag balance, a text message is sent to your mobile number which you have registered. We know what you’re thinking. “How do I determine my balance on FASTag?” The answer is to find the last message you received regarding FASTag deductions. The balance amount will be displayed.
  3. E-mail: Just like SMS, you will also get an email message with your registered ID along with the amount deducted from your balance in FASTag every time. Additionally, you will receive monthly statements in the mail. You can check your mail to verify the balance of your FASTag.
  4. Contact Customer Service: You can also contact HDFC Bank customer care number 1800-120-1243 to check your balance on FASTag. For a quick balance check, make an unanswered call at 720-805-3999 using your mobile number with which you have registered.

In addition, it is possible that you may have additional questions regarding the balance of the FASTag. We have provided answers to some frequently asked questions:

1. What is the minimum amount required to charge the HDFC Bank FASTag card?

You should not maintain any minimum FASTag balance. The minimum amount to recharge your FASTag wallet is Rs 100. You can select the amount of each recharge as per your choice and your journey.

2. What happens to my FASTag balance after I decide to terminate the FASTag account?

If you have completed your Full KYC Customer (KYC) requirements then you will receive the balance in your FASTag. You will receive a demand draft to pay the balance amount within 7 working days after closing the wallet.

3. Do I have the option to get instant credit in my linked bank account with my FASTag wallet when I close it?

No, there is no provision for transfer of FASTag balance to your bank account after wallet closure. You will receive an order draft to transfer your FASTag account balance.

4. What should I do if there is an error in my balance on FASTag?

If you feel that you have been charged too much, you can complain to HDFC Bank. You can call the customer care number or log in to your account on FASTag and submit the wrong deduction of your FASTag balance. The agency will look into your request and then refund the amount if the request is found to be valid.

Click here to know more about the various FASTag charges.


You can enroll in this HDFC Bank FASTag program and avoid long lines at toll plazas. You can get up to 2.5 percent cashback on all your national tolls. You can also recharge your FASTag account online by paying with your credit or debit card. You can also replenish your balance on FASTag using NEFT, Cheque or RTGS. The minimum amount for recharge is Rs 100. Additionally, you can replenish your balance up to Rs 1 lakh on FASTag.

Apart from this and the most important thing is that you will be able to keep track of the tax levied on all tolls through FASTag. Call, text or email to check your balance on FASTag at every turn.

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