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विज्ञान क्या है। परिभाषा, प्रकार और उपयोग-What is science in hindi – SKF

definition of science The word science (science) in nature and scientific knowledge is scientific from the natural word “scientia”.

every area of ​​life today Science (What is Science in hindi)To make the environment eco-friendly, it is touching the moon and the sun. By shrinking the distance of millions of miles, science has made life easy in the form of lakhs.

They were naturally strengthened to grow naturally. Burning fire with water and then taking measures to keep the fire steady.

In fact it is also powerful.

It was updated only in case of malfunction. The search for truth that is ever-increasing.

What are the branches of science – main branches of science in Hindi

The puzzle is divided differently.

Branches of Science.

1) Natural Science (Natural Science in Hindi)

Science also has two main branches of science.

a) Forest Science (Botany)– Complete analysis related to the tree.

Some of the main branches of forest science are-

classic (classification)
morphology ,
Anatomy For our plants
Physics (Histology) Under this we study the component of the virvine period found in plants.
physiology Fully fabricated in such a framework.
Kaushik Vigyan (Cytology) Under this, the internal structure of the cell and the path of meaning of that amount should be known.
genetics (genetics) There is a wide variety of options for this forestry.
Embryology The study of embryo formation and development has been done from the junction of the plants under its umbrella.
follow botany (paleobotany) ,
Forest land (Geography of plants) There is a calibrator of different excerpts on the page.

bZoology– Zoology is made up of two maths Movie(Zoon=Animal +logos=study) Mean Meaning of Animals. Only after being born in the future will he change in the future.

Branches of Zoology-

Embryology sine die.
UAO Movies of the State of the State of the entertainment of dumpling breeding.
Species-geography Based on the movie screen.
Eternity (Ontogeny) The circle of cyclic cycles.
Microbiology (Microbiology) The study of micro-organisms.

2) Physics (Physics in Hindi) – There are also two main branches of physical science-

a) Physics (Physics)In the matter of physics we are impressed.

Physics is a pure science science that is scientifically passive or is a real science.

b) Chemistry (Chemistry)The way it has succeeded, its management has succeeded.

chemistry word born From the Antiquity of the Missi (Chemistry). Soil means black colored soil to Komi,

miracle of science – miracle of science in hindi

Today’s knowledge of science is the miraculous sight of science. There are all kinds of theories like this. Until 8 o’clock on Sundays.

There are all kinds of environments in this kind of environment. Methodology of electrical and vase apparatus science.

Today science has become the basis of progress and development. You can also think about science. There is something to be gained in the whole world. And the moments blink.

He has discovered the sky by measuring the earth. People changing the environment should not have done this in 2000.

It’s up to the same time. This

This article what is science. Definition, Types and Uses-What is Science in Hindi ” have hope. that from this article

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