You are currently viewing दिमाग तेज करने के 9 वैज्ञानिक तरीके-9 scientific ways to sharpen your brain power in hindi

दिमाग तेज करने के 9 वैज्ञानिक तरीके-9 scientific ways to sharpen your brain power in hindi – SKF

If you wish, it will be successful soon Mind Tej (mind power in Hindi) brainstorming means Wise Is. This Wise Apply to be successful in life in the first place. In today’s article, we are talking about such a thing. we own Intelligence can increase.

1) Amazing Pattern – Change Hand Pattern for brain power

It is an active action that is left-handed.

You can with a dangerous device. start to work. like this neurons It is necessary to improve the process.

2) Taking good sleep- Deep sleep in Hindi for brain power

All of you can get notification anytime at 2-3 hrs. I am not focused on anything

This is good Intelligence way to promote. Heal all neurological improvements.

which our memory power to air. When we are awake for at least 6-8 hours in the evening. Time to rest our brain is time to eat. We’re fresh, focused and feeling good. It boosts our intelligence. What type of concentration power has also increased.

3) New Language Learning- Learn New Language in Hindi for brain power

psychologist Is said. to understand a new language brain power is to increase. When we start exercising, there is a new neuron connection in the brain. that memory power Valid food. And our mind is sharp. better doctor the decision making process is in the people. Meaning we take decisions in haste.

4) Listening to good songs in Hindi for remaining sunshine-mind power

in 2007 Stanford University I did a research. for the details that music is a neurologist. Music brain scans of the people involved in this research were done. and result brochure.

Jehovah concentration power I am seeing rapid development. interact with part of the computer. that control memory and attention. It’s good for your brain.

5) Brain Puzzle Solving – Brain Puzzle Solving in hindi

To play in everyone’s mobile read more mind games Play brain games for mind brain brain decision to eat food to play like- crossword puzzle, rubik’s cube sudoku.

The order of these games is on short term memory retention. which is good for the mind. We are sure of this. This can be avoided. Our Short Term Memory Retention (STMR.)) may be weak. Researchers claim that brain games make up for our STMRs.

6) Meditation – Meditation in Hindi for brain power

If you wish, stress out, stress out and will examine your learning and the power to manage emotions. Must meditate.

Attention The learning capacity of our brain increases. Our brain is already developed. Today’s researchers have done research. In this search Attention The flow conditions increase.

flow state To work for a time it is necessary that it should work 100%. And the effect of such a miracle was reduced.

7) to silence

You can speak our confirmed product Intelligence It’s parf. Recent research has shown that those that have been spoiled, then, are suitable for the time being. She logical reasoning It is worth noting that I

So any problem has a solution. and till the appointed time. In this way the things running in the mind go on. risk Center And Intelligence Increase kohm. Work can start from 5 to 10. And all day long.

8) Imagination- Power of Imagination

Have you done this? Today the strategy-of such item is unusual. Was less than a miracle in wonderful times. Of course our movie Intelligence Hailey. This is more than the growth potential of the intellect.

Union Ministers of the 20th Century country einstein Why was it? , imagination is more important than knowledge,

Knowledge can spread from one place to another. Imagination can start with something creative in mind. Sit in your mind and relax and relax. Make sure from time to time. The person who lived till today has also changed. She imagination power M.A.

9) Kitab Kitab- Reading Books

There were many people who were successful. He didn’t do that when he was like that. These were also similar.

It works perfectly which engages our whole mind. You Elon Musk To recite the name The well-lived mother lived well in the deaf. all over the world today Elon Musk About this,

Firecrackers even made rocket engines. and best institute of space science space-x was launched. Books update changes. We can be the first to evolve.

this article”9 scientific ways to sharpen the mind 9 scientific ways to sharpen the mind in Hindi“The relatively photo that from this article,

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