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जीवन के लिए महत्वपूर्ण क्यों है ओजोन परत ? Ozone layer in hindi – SKF

Ozone is a special type of tri-style-born or tri-tri-gen. During pregnancy, normal atoms (molecules) change into atoms, exchange for ozone.

How is the example? – about ozone layer in hindi

Ozone in position (ozone layer in hindi I spoilage as entitlements as well as have properties as microscopic bacteria. Break construction.

Another cause of ozone generation is sun-blur. After changing to the state of being sun-blurred, the particles change to the state of growth. Ozone’s ability to change naturally changes in the process. The atmosphere around the periphery of the ozone covers a distance of between 20 and 35 km. The temperature of this layer is increasing by 42°.

This color varies in the nature of the color of the paint. Movie

In this process 93 percent ultraviolet outside the Sun
Documents are separated. Getting just 7 percent off the area. This is a natural science instrument, Rish’s gross physical ability increases. Interactions are nonviolent, with interactions with atoms on Earth.

Earth layer a shield for the earth – ozone layer in hindi meaning

Similar is the case with the weather ozone in the air. Activity will be visible in the activation of the Sun. Suitable to help improve the moisture quality of this layer. This ozone layer (ozone layer in hindi It is related with splendor to keep on changing because of changing to keep on changing.

Be able to eliminate germs as well as being more effective with an abundance of germs. Cleanliness is also there to make the environment clean.

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May also be useful. There are other works on earth as well. Like with lightning, there is also a natural ability to be generated due to lightning fast electrical equipment (electronic equipment), X-rays, etc. -Never change with the changing times as the changing times -The changing times in the blue state activates the resembling languages ​​as they are activated.

atmosphere of ozone layer (ozone layer in hindi ,

What’s in the cyber layer? – What is ozone layer depletion in Hindi

Climate changes occur in the atmosphere in the vast atmosphere of pollution, which are produced in the vast atmosphere. They are effectively affected only by being able to influence what is effectively affected. Ozone does not have a one-of-a-kind environment. It may spoil due to excessive amount of contamination.

There has been a change in the different levels of ozone. First: no one will do this, so how will he control.

The situation gets worse when the ozone is turned on at normal conditions.

Who protects the life and life of the earth. Climate change is the change in climate when the weather is favorable for the weather when the weather conditions are better. Governance remains in place.

Ozone status (ozone layer depletion in hindi chooses C. F. C. Faiz- There is also a lot of difference in photo picture generation.ozone layer in hindi Heras is also going to be deep.

On December 24, 1987, 159 met in Montreal, Canada’s capital, that by 2010 C.N. c. Be completely safe for safety and be safe. It’s a complete dream.

this article” Is the layer dangerous for life? ozone layer in hindi ” have hope. that from this article

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